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26 #Skills and #qualities I look for when #hiring for a #job

1.Can figure things out
2.Not a goof off
3.Wants to learn and can learn on own
4.Makes me more $ than I pay to him or her
6.Problem solver
7.Calm, not panicky
8.Doesn't give up
9.Doesn't interrupt me too much
12.Makes my job easier
13.Doesn''t threaten my job
14.Good communication skills
15.Consults me when necessary and keeps me in the loop
16.Can follow directions
17.Won't be bored at the job
18.Gets along with others
19.Can work alone or in a group
20.Follows up
21.Meets deadlines
22.Makes me look good
23.Doesn't complain too much
24.Fun to be around
25.Team player
26.Not overqualified for the job
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