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24 Things bad #drivers do

If we've left any out please add in box above.
1.Swerve into your lane so you have to honk
2.Text and drive
3.Drive too slow
5.Drive too fast
6.Cut you off
7.Talk on cell phone and drive
8.Put on make up while driving
9.Park in front of your house instead of theirs
10.Get into accidents
11.Park in two spots
12.Double park and block you in
13.Don't turn off their brights when you approach from the other way
14.Shine their brights into your rear view mirror
15.Drive the wrong way on the highway
16.Drink and drive
17.Fall asleep while driving
18.Goes through a stop sign and almost hits me
19.Go from left lane to exit and cut you off
20. Park in your driveway
21.Lights a cigarette with both hands while driving on the highway
22.Don't let you get on highway when they're trying to get off
23.Pull into crosswalk while you're trying to cross street so then can go as soon as light turns green and almost hit you
24.text drive
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