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32 Ways to beat the competition on a #job #interview

1.Even if your previous job sucked, never complain about it on the interview.
2.Think of the interview as a sales call. The best person doesn't necessarily get the job. The best at #sales usually does.
3.Be prepared. Practice answering questions you may be asked especially for technical jobs.
4.Be prepared to talk about anything listed on your resume.
5.Never be late. Get there an hour early and practice at a coffee shop or restaurant.
6.Check out trip and location day prior for important interviews.
7.Bring many copies of your resume.
8.Get a good night sleep the night before.
9.Prepare every day even if you're not looking so when the time does come you'll ace the interview.
10.Have questions you want information on.
11.Don't disagree with the interviewer if they're wrong about something.
12.Know who the person is that's interviewing you. Is it a co-worker, subordinate, manager
13.Take notes.
14.Don't interrupt.
15.Listen to the question and make sure you answer the question the interviewer asks
16.Be brief with your answers and get to the point quickly.
17.Notice something on a wall or bookshelf that you could talk to interviewer about.
18.Make eye contact, but don't stare.
19.Have a firm handshake.
20.Like a sales person be prepared to counter any objection the interviewer might have.
21.Don't threaten the job of the person who's interviewing you.
22.Don't try to be smarter than the interviewer, just smart enough to get the job
23.The more resumes you send out and recruiters you use the more interviews you'll get.
24.Be likable on the interview
25.Do your research on company. Find out as much as possible.
26.Accept any generosity and let interview know you appreciate it
27.Thank them for their time.
28.Never lie but tell you story that puts you in the best light.
29.Get better at being interviewed by going on as many as possible even if not interested in #job
30.Knowing someone that the interviewer knows increases your odds probably by a factor of 10
31.Telling an interviewer that you already have an offer before the interview starts improves your chances of getting an offer
32. If you're nervous you might not be prepared enough or you just need to go on more interviews
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