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Walking is a great exercise as it's low impact, easy to do and can fit into your day.

I walk about 15 - 30 miles per week all as part of my daily routine.

All you need is a decent pair of shoes a safe route and some time.  

I usually walk from my office to the train station which is around 3 miles each evening. I do it in almost all weather except if there's too much snow on the ground.

I also increase my walking if I'm behind in my diet goals.  

Anyone who has a lunch hour can go for a walk. I normally bring my lunch to work and if I need the extra exercise I walk 30 minutes out and 30 minutes back for a total of an hour. Now I've built up to this. You can start with just 5 minutes or whatever you can do and try to keep exceeding it until you reach 1 hour which is about a 3 mile walk.

Not only is it healthy but I save subway fare. I work about 250 days per year and probably walk at least 200 of them. That's $500.00 per year that stays in my pocket.

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