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To be successful requires great leadership qualities. It is very rare that any of your ideas will be successful without the help of others. You need to get people to follow you.

Owning a dog and watching Cesar Millan's The Dog Whisperer has taught me a lot about leadership. In the dog world you're either the leader or the follower. Many problems with dogs appear to be due to owners who aren't the pack leader.

I've also learned that Energy is important. If you're fearful, unsure, hesitant you can't lead. If you're confident, take risks, are the first to act, you're seen as a leader.

Some of the things you can do with dog's to show leadership are:
  • Claim your space
  • Be first to enter and first to leave
  • Eat before you feed your dog
  • Walk in front of your dog on walks
  • Set rules, boundaries and limitations for your dog
  • Stand tall and walk with confidence
  • Be calm assertive

    Some bad people leadership qualities I've run into are:
  • Micro-managing
  • Ignoring
  • Not passing down information
  • Expecting followers to mind-read
  • Yelling
  • Being unfair

    Good leaders have the following qualities:
  • Good public speakers
  • Confident
  • Smart
  • Remove obstacles
  • Criticize the behavior and not the person
  • Complement good work
  • They set the rules which are fair and make sense
  • They plan
  • They follow up
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