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To see the original article.

I just want to say I think it is terrible that an unarmed kid whether black or white or anyone get murdered.

But here are some objections I have to this and many other articles like it.

Starting with the title "Conservative Media Smears Trayvon Martin." The article is dated 3/27/2012.

It's making a very general accusation instead of specifics the kind prejudice you would hope the writer Ben Adler would be against.

The first thing shown is a photo of Trayvon. He looks handsome and about 10 years old. As if George Zimmerman killed this boy.

Author accuses conservatives for "impugning the late Trayvon Martin with misleading and dishonest attacks on his character and justifications for his murder" Okay so show the evidence.

He then tells the story "Martin, 17, was walking to his fatherís house in Sanford, Florida, when a local busybody named George Zimmerman."  George Zimmerman is a busybody?

"George Zimmerman called the police to report his unfounded suspicions that Martin was up to no good." How does the writer know whether Trayvon was up to no good or not? If you listen to the 911 call George Zimmerman describes to the dispatcher


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