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What did you specifically do to lose weight and keep it off?

Here are the specific steps I did each day to lose weight and keep it off:
  1. Weigh myself upon awakening
  2. Enter my weight to the Excel Diet Spreadsheet
  3. Follow the sheets instructions
  4. If behind my daily one-pound-a-week goal I ate less and exercised more
  5. If ahead I ate more and exercised less
  6. I blogged about the experience
  7. I learned what worked and what didn't
When behind my goal I ate the following:
  • Breakfast, Lunch and snack 800 - 1000 calories from low sugar protein bars
  • Dinner, 500 calories from:
    • Salad with chicken
    • Veggie burgers on English muffin with cheese
    • Atkins frozen dinners
    In terms of exercise when behind my goal:
  • Walked 3 miles each day to work
  • Upped to 6 miles when behind my goal

    When ahead I didn't exercise and ate what I wanted.
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