Dog Whisperer TV show Notes

(Clear Filter = *aggressive*)
aggressive dog can be bored
Dog aggressive to strangers
Aggressive dog in a cage
Aggressive dogs need extra exercise
Cesar approaches aggressive dog
Using two hangs on a bulldog he places growling aggressive dog in submissive position
Repel other aggressive dogs by keeping your dogs in calm-submissive state
Two dogs in same home aggressive to each other
The leash can make some dogs aggressive and some dogs to calm down
Tug of war brings out aggressive side of dog. Don't play with powerful breed even if dog loves it.
With most aggressive dogs the owners are not the pack leaders
Aggression can be triggered if you don't stop a dog when they're excited
Aggressive dogs don't respect or trust the people they're aggressive to
Diffuse aggression before it escalates
Stopping dogs fear-based aggression is critical
Tension on leash when dog gets aggressive or fearful
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