Dog Whisperer TV show Notes

(Clear Filter = *calm*)
Be calm
Get dog to calm state
Calmly connect with dog
Dogs aren't happy when they're excited, they're happy when in a calm-submissive zone
Don't share love unless in calm submissive state
Yelling at dogs might not work, calm assertive does
Keep your pack calm submissive
Repel other aggressive dogs by keeping your dogs in calm-submissive state
When dominating a dog claim space and dog must surrender (go to calm submissive state)
Calm your dog before meeting other dogs
Follow through is taking dog all the way to 0 calm submissive
Ask yourself what state am I in? Is it calm assertive?
The leash can make some dogs aggressive and some dogs to calm down
Think calmness, silence, power
If the human is calm-assertive then you can lead
You can't walk away from a dog after correction, they must be calm
Do exercises calmly
Calm assertive touch snaps them out of it (unwanted state)
The less sound we use the more we create calmness
Talk calm not excited
Wait until brain becomes completely calm submissive
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