Dog Whisperer TV show Notes

(Clear Filter = *energy*)
Dogs don't surrender to nervous energy
High energy dog isn't good in city
It's hard to teach a dog rules if they're full of energy, need to remove the energy
Dogs bite nervous energy if correcting
You energy must mean leadership
45 minute walk each day, high energy dog 1 hour, low energy 30 minutes
Who you are in the animal world is energy
Used a napkin to touch dog so he wouldn't get bitten as extension of energy
Controlling a dog with sound makes you excited source of energy
Worry means weak energy
Animals pick up more on energy than what you're saying verbally
The only position you can have when you have a tense or laid-back energy is follower they don't feel protected
The dog will imitate the energy you provide
All animals understand energy
Increase assertive energy if needed
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