Dog Whisperer TV show Notes

(Clear Filter = *leader*)
Dogs need leadership
Excessive barking, use corrections, become pack leader
Everyone must be dog's pack leader
Pack leaders never say "Let's go" they just go
Dog must pay attention to its pack leader
Pack leaders never come to followers, followers come to pack leader
You energy must mean leadership
If you don't take a leadership role your dog will
Projecting leadership gets you a different reaction from a dog
As pack leader don't allow play to get too intense
Leadership before affection
It's important to become a dog's pack leader from day 1
With most aggressive dogs the owners are not the pack leaders
Dog won't stop barking S5 E5.when people leave, dog is pack leader
Dog doesn't hesitate to pack leader they hesitate to dog lover
If you can't create relaxation you can't be pack leader
You can't be pack leader if you're their friend or a dog lover
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