Dog Whisperer TV show Notes

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Dog lays down on walk
Walk dog every day
Dog won't walk on a leash
When you adopt a dog best thing is a long walk
Dog won't walk
Dog doesn't like to walk
45 minute walk each day, high energy dog 1 hour, low energy 30 minutes
Always go back to basics, take dog for a walk
When passing feared object on walk dog can't choose what side to be on
How do you feel when you're walking your dog?
Walk 2 enemies together
When passing a dog on sidewalk, pass next to owner not next to dog
If there's no room on the sidewalk step aside to let the dog and owner pass
90% of relationship between human and dog is when the human masters the walk
Dog won't walk on leash because she doesn't know how, motivate with ball, pull a little bit and release.
You can't walk away from a dog after correction, they must be calm
Walk dog a long time when getting from shelter
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