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26 forms of #Dog Communication that my dog does

1.Sitting with Tail curled = peeing
2.Sitting with tail straight and parallel to ground = pooping
3.Walking with tail straight up and nose to the ground = hunting
4.Paw on my arm = scratch my belly
5.Standing by door = I want to go out
6.Ring bell by door and walk to treat bucket = I want a treat
7.Ears pasted to head = I'm scared
8.Tail between legs = I'm scared
9.Hackles up = I'm scared
10.Tapping my hand during a walk = I want a treat
11.Laying on side with paws up = scratch my belly
12.Head on lap while I'm eating = can I have some
13.Whining = Can I ...
14.Banging water bowl = some water please
15.Tail wagging back and forth = I so happy to see you
16.Growling from house = I'm afraid and I'm warning you to stay away
17.Comes and sits next to me = pet me
18.Ears back = I'm submissive
19.Light whine = don't stop petting me
20.Stronger whine = can I go on the big couch
21.Whine while standing by couch = can I go on couch
22.Walks to food bowl, smells and walks away without eating = I don't like that food
23.If I grab her from under her jaw she moves her head away - I don't like that
24.Stands by the door and whines - I want to go out side
25.Hits door with paw from outside - I want to come in
26.Dog bow - I want to play

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