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David Rusenko Points on Start ups

1.You can't succeed if you quit
2.You can't fail if you don't quit
3.By definition innovation seems wrong
4.If it's obvious a lot of people would be working on it
5.#1 Predictor of success is not intelligence but raw determination
6.How do you want the world to be?
7.#2 Make complicated things Simple
8.Make something people want
9.It's the most important thing to work on
10.Biggest risk is your idea is not what the market wants
11.Release something early and get feedback
12.Don't worry if someone will steal your idea
13.Is what you have what people want?
14.Get your idea out there early
15.Talk to a lot of people about your idea
16.Get feedback
17.Constantly iterate
18.Open to change
19.Make your way to that ideal product
20.Simplicity in everything
21.Core competancy
23.Writing up a doc
24.Cut it in half 3 times
25.This will help convince people of your idea
26.#3 Focus
27.Harding thing
28.What is the one thing that achieves your next inflection point?
29.What is the next milestone.
30.Everyone's todo list is filled up
31."Focus is a competitive advantage" - Joey Ive
32.Culture of innovation
33.#1 Prioritize by what you want to learn
34.Most people prioritize by cost * importance
35.Doesn't work for discontinuous innovation
36.Prioritize your list from what you'll learn most from
37.What are the big unknowns or big questions?
38.Learn new market insights to help prioritize
39.#2 See improvement in everything
40.Notice what's wrong in everyday life
41.His pet peeve is same as mine. Push sign, pull handle
42.What sucks about my life right now
43.Little frustrations
44.10 clicks instead of 8, then maybe get it down to 3
45.Maybe process shouldn't be here
46.Is this frustrating or annoying. Surefire that things can be better
47.Train yourself to go thru life finding how to improve everything
48.Collect these ideas
49.Smallest ideas can turn into the biggest opportunities
50.#3 Celebrate failure
51.What are you doing next after your failure?
52.Famous entrepreneurs are littered with things they tried but failed
53.You can only succeed by repeatedly taking risks
54.Taking a risk & failing is an accomplishment - you are statistically set up for success
55.You need to fail many times because there's a certain amount of luck in everything
56.By not being afraid to fail you take luck out of the equation
57.We learn most thru failure not success
58.Try out your ideas and fail to learn
59.Removing stigma from trying and failing is core to innovation
60.#4 Get Started
61.Things that sound so obvious are things that no one does
62.Very few people just get started
63.Instead of thinking and planning just put yourself out there
64.Bias towards action
65."I'll look into it", bad
66.Let's schedule the meeting now
67.Don't need to have steps 1..99 figured out ahead of time
68.Not planning is not good
69.People have a tendency to plan too much
70.There are talkers and doers, be a doer
71.See a problem and fix it
72.It's better to ask for forgiveness than permission
74.What are you using as a procrastination tool
75.Ease of use created word of mouth growth
76.Hire people with passion for what they're working on, love what they do. positivity, really passionate about 1 thing.
77.What do you do when you're not at work? to see passion
78.Try out employees for 1 week
79.Get people to try it once to get feedback

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