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Partial List of My Wisdom

1.There are only 3 goals in life L$F (Longevity, $ecurity, Fun)
2.Learn about SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
3.A resume is an ad and an interview is a sales call
4.Catch people doing something right then cheer them on
5. Be aware of the Google problem when developing software
6.Step outside your comfort zone
7.Don't make excuses
8.Take smart risks
9.Don't be afraid to fail
10.Read non-fiction books
11.Don't give up
12.Learning new things
13.Solve problems
14.Create tools you want
15.If you do what you've done you'll get what you've got
16.Learn to juggle
17.Don't Panic
18.Be curious
19.Have Fun
20.Be prepared
21.Create good habits
22.Eliminate bad habits
23.Get Feedback
24.Have one MIG (Most Important Goal) and decide what to do based on this
25.Enjoy the journey not just the destination
26.Initiate friendships
27.TION - There is only now
29.Have daily deadlines
30.Learn to program in Excel
31.ALED A Little Each Day
32.Everything is difficult the first time you do it

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