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32 Data proven Truths

0.The more you know the less you'll grow
1.Be the first with your meaningful difference
2.Be obvious about your overt benefit
3.Be specific about your meaningful uniqueness
4.To sell a lot you need a lot of customers
5.When the customer's buying , sell lots
6.Do one thing great
7.Keep it simple stupid
8.Sell complex products and services differently
9.Target customers who seek meaningful innovation
10.Demo or Die
11.Meaningfulness is about genuine attention to details
12.Speak to customers' heads and hearts
13.Facts are meaningful to left brainers
14.Enthusiasm is meaningful to right brainers
15.Balance is key for whol-brain customers
16.Expertise of People and brand quality
17.Provide real credibility substance
18.Tightly link benefit and credibility
19.Better results start with better forecasts
20.Be overt claiming or disclaiming your pedigree
21.Be patient with mega-meaningfully different ideas
22.The importance of nonloyal customers
23.Incentives motivate, but customers can't be bought
24.Honestly articulate what customers will receive
25.Successful sales and marketing requires a simple and meaningful focus on ur custs true needs
26.Propose a trial use
27.Customize sales presentation
28.Seek referals
29.Send Thank-you notes
30.Educate customers on your virtues as opposed to tricking them
31.Longer copy is more impact than short copy

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