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My Bucket List

1.,Fly a helicopter
2.,Fly an airplane
3.Score a hat trick in a league hockey game
4.Have a grandchild
5.Have dinner with a famous person
6.Get a book published
7.Visit the South Pole
8.Visit Iceland
9.Ride a bicycle across the US
10.,Get Married
11.,Have children
12.Get something patented
13.Meet Tim Ferriss
14.Visit every state in the US
15.,Coach a hockey team to a championship
16.,Win a hockey championship in a league
17.Help someone overcome their fear of dogs
18.Teach an Excel class
19.Be Weightless in Space
20.Visit Israel
21.,Play Ice Hockey at Nassau Colliseum
22.Live to 100
23.Juggle 5 balls 10 times in a row
24.Hit a fungo home run at a little league baseball stadium
25.Stop on left side with ice skates
26.Spray ice when stopping above boards
27.Kick a field goal
28.Develop a droid app
29.Get a twitter verified account
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