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Stock Market

1.Option Pricing and Strategies in Investing
2.The Intelligent Investor
3.Fooled by Randomness
5.Pattern matching
6.Excel and stock market
7.How do you know when a market tops
8.How do you know when a market bottom
9.The crash of 2001
10.The crash of 2008
11.Efficient market hypothesis
12.How I lost $70,000
13.Investing hussmann
14.Fundamental vs. Technical analysis
15.Fooled by patterns
16.Heads or tails in Yankee Stadium
17.If someone sells you their stock picking strategy it doesn't work
18.What do hedge funds do winning cost me a fortune
20.Story on how I feel which strategy worked to make me a millionaire
21.Investor Business Daily
22.A beauty contest where you must pick for the judges hello is the stock market random
23.Options as a Strategic Investment
24.Stock market biases
25.How do I turn 4000 into 12000
26.Data issues survivorship bias
27.Moving averages
28.Getting price data from Yahoo
29.Zero Sum game
30.Jim Cramer
31.Why would a mutual fund and a bonus. If they haven't already bought it
33.Supply and demand
34.Money on the sidelines fallacy
35.Don't catch a falling knife
36.Everyone's a genius in a bull market

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