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What to focus on list >


1.License your million dollar Idea
2.A Whack on the Side of the Head
3.Excel Idea Creator Tool
4.Warn user with dialog before going to a website they want to quit
5.10 Books to write
6.Jump Start your Brain
7.A Whack on the Side of the Head
8.Idea Creator sheet
9.Idea Creator Website (Yavuz' idea)
10.Creative Whack Pack
12.Idea Sex - James Altucher
13.Random word
15.Work in a different location
16.Collect problems you run into
17.Habits hurt creativity
18.Questions that help you be creative
19.Doug Hall's 3 principles of Capitalist Creativity
20.Ask "What if?"
21.What assumptions are you making?
22.What is the opposite of what everyone's doing?
24.Change a attribute (bigger, faster, smaller, prettier, lighter, cheaper, stronger)
25.Solve existing problem that no one is solving
27.What annoys you?
28.Jump Start Your Business Brain
29. Transcribe podcasts

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