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What to focus on list >


1.Study comedy
3.TV shows
4.Funny internet
6.Impractical jokers
7.Books on comedy
10.AL yancovic
11.Larry David
12.Funny stories I have
13.Collect funny jokes and stories and categorize them
15.Is it possible to lose your funniness
16.If you hit your funny bone it's certainly not funny
17.I tried to say to my phone Tim Ferriss is the Dos Equis guy and it displays Tim Ferriss does techy guys
18.Reversing a pic up line quote what's a nice guy like me doing in a place like this
19.Making fun of a group like fashion models Zoolander
20.How to create a comedy routine
21. Fart jokes
22.Garry Shandling
23.Why are some small vaginas as popular as big penises

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