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What to focus on list >


1.Tool to go from idea to money
2. Check list
3.Pick an idea you have
4.Invest $100 on one of your ideas
6.Try and fail at something so you learn how not to feel next time
7.Inventory of your ideas
8.Market then build
9.Test 1 iD per month
10.A-B test your idea
11.Think of it as a $1,200 course for a year
12.Get feedback
13.Create a spreadsheet with columns 10 steps across the heading
14.Identify why you failed in the past
15.What is the problem that this idea solves
16.If you can't spend $100 on the idea then skip it
17.Try to break even
18.Idea Categories
19.Questions to ask about the idea
20.Problem having too many ideas
21.Try Steve Scott idea

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