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What to focus on list >

Time Monitor🔝

1.Randomly select from list of unfinished tasks
2.Pop up window of data in any cell
3.Save historically what I did
4.Reduces time starting next task
5.Shortcuts to other sheets or functions
6.Spam removal
7.Delayed emails
8.Shows count of work to be done timebox tasks with Parkinson's law
9.Selecting task gets logged and popped up
10.Strikes through when done
11.Columns used to prioritize work
12.Add comments to tasks
13.Store how tos via h2 shortcut
14.Reorder list with shortcut keys
15.Move items to other list
16.Add time until a task
17.What should I do and for how long
18.What did I do?
19.Table of contents sheet
21.Each column represents his date for date and priority
22.Time away from computer
23.Time on a specific software like Outlook

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