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2016-11-29 About #Pizzagate
2016-11-09 I Answer Your Questions About Predicting President Trump
2016-10-28 About Leadership
2016-10-14 Assume Half of What You Hear About the Candidates is True
2016-09-11 Checking My Predictions About Clinton’s Health
2016-09-11 Checking My Predictions About Clintons Health
2016-08-30 Be Useful (A Post About Colin Kaepernick)
2016-06-21 Some Thoughts about Lewandowski, Campaign Funding, and Safety
2016-05-20 My Podcast with Thor (About Trump’s Persuasion)
2016-05-11 About Those Trump Policy Details
2016-03-16 Real Donald Trump Quotes about Women
2016-03-10 Let’s Talk About Hitler
2016-02-22 My Cnn Interview About Trump
2016-01-19 Robots Read News about British Politicians and Trump
2016-01-15 Robots Read News about Trump’s Offer to…(no spoilers!)
2016-01-11 The Oddest Thing About Trump
2016-01-04 Trump Prediction about the Wall (Master Persuader series)
2016-01-03 Robots Read News about Former President Bill Clinton
2015-12-21 Robots Read News - About Hitler’s Testicles
2015-12-18 Robots Read News about the Sanders Campaign Accessing Clinton Voter Data
2015-12-03 My Prediction about My Predictions (Trump Persuasion Series)
2015-12-02 My Prediction About My Predictions Trump
2015-10-28 Robots Read News - About Economists and Astrologists
2015-10-21 Robots Read News - about Trump and Jeb
2015-10-05 Robots Read News - About Humans in Metal Cages
2015-09-23 Tim Ferriss and I Talk about Everything on his Podcast
2015-08-31 Robots Read News - about Celebrity Apprentice
2015-08-04 Robots Read News - about the murdered Hitchbot
2015-07-24 Robots Read News about Dumb Trump
2015-07-17 Robots Read News about Mexican Tunnels
2015-06-17 Robots Read News - About Trump’s Border Fence Plan
2015-06-09 Robots Read News - About Human Consciousness
2015-06-05 Robots Read News - About Alleged Chinese Hacking
2015-06-03 Robots Read News - About Bankers
2015-05-28 Robots Read News - about FIFA
2015-05-26 Robots Read News - About ISIS Surrendering
2015-05-25 Robots Read News - About No News
2015-05-13 Robots Read News - About Deflategate
2015-04-20 Robots Read News - About California’s Drought
2015-04-14 Robots Read News - About Music Streaming
2015-04-06 Robots Read News - About Scientology
2015-03-02 Robots Read News - about Russia
2014-12-17 Boring Little Story About My Windows Computer
2014-02-12 How About Now?
2014-01-15 What That Was All about Yesterday
2013-08-02 About the Bear Thing
2011-11-18 Questions about my Presidency
2010-05-05 There’s Nothing Funny About This
2009-08-29 Winning Link About National Debt
2009-07-20 Wired Article About My Voice
2009-03-30 Best Quote About Cubicle Work
2008-11-16 About Intelligence
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