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2016-12-21 How to Be Unpersuasive
2016-12-20 How Many Trump Votes Did I Cause?
2016-12-07 How the Trump Administration Can Lower Healthcare Costs
2016-11-14 How to Break an Illusion
2016-10-23 How to Legally Vote More Than Once
2016-10-21 How to Insult Me on Twitter
2016-09-26 How’s My Timing?
2016-09-22 How to Know an Election is Over
2016-08-09 How to Identify the Brainwashed
2016-08-03 How Not To Buy A Chevy Truck
2016-07-31 How To Spot A Narcissist Trump Persuasion Series
2016-07-20 How A Hypnotist Would Solve Isis
2016-07-18 How Persuaders See the World
2016-07-16 How Not To Buy A Chevy Truck
2016-07-13 How Not to Buy a Chevy Truck
2016-06-19 How to Un-Hypnotize a Rabid Anti-Trumper
2016-05-30 How to Hypnotize Bill Maher
2016-05-27 How To Hypnotize Bill Mahers
2016-05-05 How Not to Make a Campaign Ad
2016-05-04 How to Do Persuasion Wrong
2016-04-21 How Powerful is Persuasion?
2016-03-17 How to Know Trump is in Your Head
2016-02-24 How to Spot a Narcissist (Trump Persuasion Series)
2016-02-15 How to Know if Something is Wrong with Your Brain
2016-01-05 How Trump Can Solve Immigration
2015-12-30 How To Spot A Wizard
2015-12-13 How To Spot A Wizard
2015-12-07 How To Spot A Wizard
2015-12-07 How to Stop that Hitler-like Deportation You Fear
2015-11-29 How Trump Can Solve Immigration
2015-11-23 How to Beat ISIS with a Hoax
2015-11-22 How To Beat Isis With A Hoax
2015-11-14 How To Spot A Wizard
2015-10-26 How To Spot A Wizard
2015-10-26 How a Hypnotist Would Solve ISIS
2015-10-24 How Persuasion Hides
2015-10-16 Tony Robbins Explains How to Beat Trump
2015-10-14 How To Spot A Wizard
2015-10-08 How To Spot A Wizard
2015-10-04 The American Gun Problem - And How a Master Wizard of Persuasion Could Fix it.
2015-09-25 How To Spot A Wizard
2015-09-18 People Who Don’t Know How Business Works - Trump Persuasion Series
2015-09-06 How to Spot a Wizard
2015-08-29 How to Know Your Dating Site is a Fraud
2015-08-05 How Trump Becomes President
2015-06-26 How Do You Avoid Email?
2015-06-16 How Would You Solve ISIS?
2015-05-21 How to Be Not-Scary
2015-02-18 How Far in Advance do Cartoonists Work?
2015-01-16 How Do You Know When Something is Working?
2014-11-17 How to Stop Teens from Texting while Driving
2014-08-04 How to Make More Money in Stocks
2014-04-09 How the Robots Will Take Over
2014-02-12 How About Now?
2013-10-30 How to Build a Country
2013-10-22 How to Fail at Almost Everything and Still Win Big: Kind of the Story of My Life
2013-09-25 How to Write a Book
2013-09-09 How to Fail at Almost Everything and Still Win Big
2013-02-25 How Are You Today?
2012-10-08 How Many Are You?
2012-06-25 How Can a President Get Anything Through Congress?
2012-04-25 How Much do the Rich Keep?
2011-12-15 Show-off Forgiveness Day
2011-08-05 How’s it Done?
2011-02-14 How I Would Balance the Budget with Cuts
2011-01-29 WSJ - How to Tax the Rich
2010-11-10 The Presidential Pitch TV Show
2010-10-14 How to Tax the Rich
2009-06-25 Things I Don’t Know How to Do
2009-03-27 How I Saved Newspapers
2008-11-06 How Many People Will the Recession Kill?
2008-07-15 How Often are Economists Wrong?
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