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2016-01-03 Master Persuasion Hypothesis - (Try this one at home)
2015-12-16 The Lucky Hitler Hypothesis (Trump Persuasion Series)
2015-09-19 Checking My Gender Bias - Master Wizard Hypothesis
2015-07-03 Hedging Your Bets on the God Hypothesis
2015-03-25 The Uncanny Valley Hypothesis Applied to Negotiating Strategy
2013-10-15 The Karma Hypothesis
2012-07-06 The Curiosity Seduction Hypothesis
2012-06-18 Alien Hypothesis
2011-12-26 The Caveman Hypothesis
2009-11-04 Defending the Function-as-Beauty Hypothesis
2009-06-05 The No Fear Aphrodisiac Hypothesis
2009-03-25 Biceps Femoris Hypothesis
2009-01-05 Testing the Illusion Hypothesis
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