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2016-12-20 How Many Trump Votes Did I Cause?
2016-11-09 I Answer Your Questions About Predicting President Trump
2016-11-06 I Don’t Want a Government Job
2016-10-20 I Score the Third Debate
2016-10-19 I Wake You Up for the Presidential Debate
2016-10-09 Why I Endorse Gary Johnson (this week)
2016-10-03 The Week I Became a Target
2016-09-27 I Score the First Debate
2016-09-25 Why I Switched My Endorsement from Clinton to Trump
2016-09-07 The Time I Took Sides with Black Lives Matter. And Colin Kaepernick.
2016-06-30 The Time I Accidentally Plunged Europe into Economic Uncertainty
2016-04-07 Why I Disagree With All of the Candidates
2016-04-05 My Billion-dollar CGI Movie Animation Idea
2016-01-30 I Hope My Father Dies Soon
2016-01-11 Today I Help You See the Future
2016-01-08 Why I Should Win the Nobel Prize (and other things I learned from Trump)
2016-01-07 The Thought Police Did Not Like it When I Said Something Like This
2015-12-29 The Time I Got Promoted to Nobody
2015-11-23 Now that I have your attention…
2015-10-05 I Hope My Father Dies Soon
2015-09-23 Tim Ferriss and I Talk about Everything on his Podcast
2015-06-21 The Famous Quote I Never Said
2015-06-19 The Health Advice I Don’t Find Credible
2015-06-04 The Time I Scared a Security Guard by Being an Old White Guy
2015-04-30 That Time I Tried to Watch a Video on the Internet
2015-03-20 Who Is More Anti Science
2015-02-16 I Hate it When Science Beats Art
2015-02-16 May I Stipulate?
2014-11-03 Today I Tried to Do a Simple Thing
2014-06-18 The Time I Doubled My IQ
2014-05-13 My Kobayashi Maru Problem
2014-04-30 I Miss Having Freedom of Speech
2014-04-21 OH MY GOD I LIVE IN AN OLIGARCHY!!!!!!!!!!!!
2014-04-17 Things I Can’t Do
2014-03-18 I Give You the Gift of Time
2013-12-23 I Score it a Tie
2013-11-23 I Hope My Father Dies Soon
2013-02-14 I Want My Cheese
2013-01-21 Life of Pi - Movie Review
2012-11-15 The Shirtless FBI Guy
2012-02-10 Today I Review Everything
2011-11-04 When I Was Bad
2011-03-03 I Hate it When That Happens
2011-02-14 How I Would Balance the Budget with Cuts
2010-12-13 Wiki Ignorance Test
2010-11-09 The Night I Learned to Follow Directions
2010-10-22 The “I Wonder” App
2009-09-18 As Regular Readers Know I Wonder If The Economy
2009-06-25 Things I Don’t Know How to Do
2009-06-16 I like Pie
2009-03-27 How I Saved Newspapers
2009-03-17 Ponzi Hedge Fund
2009-02-04 I Hate When That Happens
2008-12-17 Call it Phase II of Capitalism
2008-12-12 Taxi Please
2008-10-14 Things I Don’t Understand
2008-09-30 Am I a Survivalist Yet?
2008-07-01 The Day I Cured Everything and Won the Nobel Prize
2008-05-20 Sci Fi Plot
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