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2016-10-08 Why Does This Happen on My Vacation? (The Trump Tapes)
2016-09-26 How’s My Timing?
2016-09-25 Why I Switched My Endorsement from Clinton to Trump
2016-09-19 Checking My Spooky Predictions
2016-09-11 Checking My Predictions About Clinton’s Health
2016-09-11 Checking My Predictions About Clintons Health
2016-09-10 Check Out my Sulley Prediction from 2009
2016-08-04 The Bait-and-Switch Confusopoly Economy
2016-08-03 The Bait And Switch Confusopoly Economy
2016-07-22 My Opinion of Trump’s Convention Speech
2016-06-30 Hypnotizing My Dog, Snickers
2016-06-28 Hypnotizing My Dog Snickerss
2016-06-13 Some of My Tweets
2016-06-05 My Endorsement for President of the United States
2016-05-20 My Podcast with Thor (About Trump’s Persuasion)
2016-04-12 My Trump AMA on Reddit
2016-04-05 My Billion-dollar CGI Movie Animation Idea
2016-03-13 The Trump Riots That are Mostly My Fault
2016-02-22 My Cnn Interview About Trump
2016-02-10 My New Hampshire Prediction Scorecard
2016-02-09 My New Hampshire Prediction Scorecard
2016-02-04 Scoring My Iowa Fraud Call
2016-02-03 Scoring My Iowa Fraud Call
2016-01-30 I Hope My Father Dies Soon
2015-12-11 Master Persuader Update (Part of My Trump Series)
2015-12-09 My Offer to Stop Donald Trump
2015-12-08 My Offer To Stop Donald Trump
2015-12-05 My Napoleon Complex
2015-12-03 My Prediction about My Predictions (Trump Persuasion Series)
2015-12-02 My Prediction About My Predictions Trump
2015-12-02 Trump’s Favorability - (part of my Trump Persuasion series)
2015-11-20 Readership Mystery Today
2015-11-19 Readership Mystery Todays
2015-11-11 My Tissue Management System
2015-10-25 Talking Like a Fourth-Grader (Part of my Trump Persuasion Series)
2015-10-15 My Commute to Day-Jail
2015-10-06 My Explanation of Trump’s Persuasion Skills for
2015-10-05 I Hope My Father Dies Soon
2015-09-21 Calling Jimmy From The Third Dimension
2015-09-20 Calling Jimmy from the Third Dimension
2015-09-19 Checking My Gender Bias - Master Wizard Hypothesis
2015-09-16 Why Trump Insults People - Part of my Trump Persuasion Series
2015-09-15 2-D Chess Players Take on a 3-D Chess Master (Part of my Trump Persuasion Series)
2015-09-14 The Daily Beast Reports on My Trump Posts
2015-09-11 Who is Smarter - the Smart People or the Dumb People? - Part of My Trump Persuasion Series
2015-09-09 A Demonstration of Persuasion - Part of my Trump Series
2015-09-07 The “Outsider” Explanation - Part of my Trump Persuasion Series
2015-09-06 The Outsider Explanation Part Of My Trump
2015-09-05 “Nice Guy” - Part of my Trump Persuasion Series
2015-09-03 Then You Own the Bank (part of my Trump Persuasion Series)
2015-07-20 Updating Some of My Rules
2015-07-07 The Interruption Economy
2015-06-11 My Plan to Save Humanity (From the Technical Singularity)
2015-05-01 Assisted Dying Debate - Jimmy Akin’s Opinion
2015-03-20 My Verdict On Gender Bias In The Workplace
2015-03-19 My Verdict on Gender Bias in the Workplace
2015-03-18 My Best Tweets
2015-02-09 Twitter is My Laboratory
2014-12-17 Boring Little Story About My Windows Computer
2014-11-08 My Stalker Returns
2014-10-27 My iPhone 6 Plus Review
2014-07-16 Checking My Predictions
2014-06-18 The Time I Doubled My IQ
2014-05-13 My Kobayashi Maru Problem
2014-04-21 OH MY GOD I LIVE IN AN OLIGARCHY!!!!!!!!!!!!
2014-03-06 Message to My Government
2014-01-29 My Skeptical Journey
2014-01-10 Memory is the Enemy of Creativity
2013-11-27 The Mythical 49%
2013-11-23 I Hope My Father Dies Soon
2013-10-22 How to Fail at Almost Everything and Still Win Big: Kind of the Story of My Life
2013-10-13 Wall Street Journal Excerpt of my New Book
2013-02-14 I Want My Cheese
2012-09-10 My Fix-the-World Fantasies
2012-08-10 My Crackpot Theory of Intelligence
2012-01-16 Anatomy of a Fake Deal
2012-01-09 Where’s My Angel Broker?
2011-12-31 My Year of Living Dangerously
2011-12-22 My Presidential Campaign Update
2011-11-30 My Robot
2011-11-18 Questions about my Presidency
2011-11-16 My Presidential Bid
2011-08-13 My Bias against Certainty
2011-08-07 Two-Step Plan to Fix the Economy
2011-06-08 Fixing the Economy
2010-10-18 My Chilean Miner Moment
2010-05-03 The Myth of Multitasking
2010-02-22 More Problems with the Economy
2010-02-12 The Problem With the Economy
2010-02-09 My Shop Vac
2009-09-18 As Regular Readers Know I Wonder If The Economy
2009-08-31 My Verdict on the National Debt
2009-07-20 Wired Article About My Voice
2009-03-24 My Dumbest Financial Non-Move
2009-03-04 The Economy Again
2009-02-03 What’s Wrong With the Economy
2009-01-28 My Cat
2009-01-22 Where’s My Rewind Button?
2009-01-22 Where’s My Rewind Button?
2008-12-05 Google Is My Doctor
2008-09-17 My Views on the Dilbert Survey of Economists
2008-08-28 My Restaurant Update
2008-08-20 Testing my piece of crap blog software
2008-08-19 I’m a Medical Mystery
2008-07-24 My Favorite Story This Week
2008-06-18 The Economy and Common Sense
2008-06-17 The Economy
2008-05-12 My Cat
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