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2016-12-22 The Trump Economic Bump
2016-12-21 Trump And The Secretary Of State Brand Decision
2016-12-20 How Many Trump Votes Did I Cause?
2016-12-09 Watching Trump Create Money from Nothing
2016-12-07 How the Trump Administration Can Lower Healthcare Costs
2016-12-06 Trump and the Secretary of State “Brand” Decision
2016-12-03 Trump and the Taiwan Call
2016-12-01 The New CEO’s First Moves (and Trump)
2016-11-28 The Trump Talent Stack
2016-11-17 Reprogram an Anti-Trumper with This Article
2016-11-09 I Answer Your Questions About Predicting President Trump
2016-11-04 Trump the Closer
2016-10-12 Scandal Poker - Trump Vs. Clinton
2016-10-08 Why Does This Happen on My Vacation? (The Trump Tapes)
2016-09-26 Trump’s African-American Reframing
2016-09-25 Why I Switched My Endorsement from Clinton to Trump
2016-09-18 Assessing the Risk of Trump
2016-09-16 Trump and Birtherism - update
2016-09-09 Measuring the Shy Trump Supporters
2016-09-05 Why Trump Doesn’t Scare Me
2016-09-01 Trump’s Immigration Speech - Persuasion Score
2016-08-25 Clinton and Trump Switch Brands
2016-08-19 Trump’s Regrets
2016-08-18 Trump Won the Week (Persuasion-wise)
2016-08-16 Trump’s Foreign Policy Speech
2016-08-10 Trump Prediction Update
2016-07-31 How To Spot A Narcissist Trump Persuasion Series
2016-07-22 My Opinion of Trump’s Convention Speech
2016-07-21 The Trump Kids Effect
2016-07-13 Trump’s Glide Path
2016-06-28 Persuasion Update: Clinton Vs. Trump
2016-06-19 How to Un-Hypnotize a Rabid Anti-Trumper
2016-06-16 Where’s That Trump Third Act?
2016-06-15 Trumps Third Act Part Of The Trump Persuasion
2016-06-15 The Trump Chess Board
2016-06-15 Wheres That Trump Third Act
2016-06-14 Trump’s Muslim Immigration Proposal (Update)
2016-06-09 Trump: Man of Science?
2016-06-02 The Risks of a Trump Presidency
2016-05-30 Climate Change and Trump
2016-05-20 My Podcast with Thor (About Trump’s Persuasion)
2016-05-17 Trump’s VP Pick Prediction
2016-05-11 About Those Trump Policy Details
2016-05-06 A Few Observations on Clinton-Trump Persuasion
2016-05-03 Clinton Versus Trump - Persuasion Scores
2016-04-28 Can Trump Change the Frame on His Perceived Sexism?
2016-04-20 Trump Dominates the Empire State
2016-04-18 The Trump Chess Board
2016-04-12 My Trump AMA on Reddit
2016-04-04 Derailing the Trump Train
2016-03-31 Trump and Abortion
2016-03-24 Who’s Afraid of Donald Trump?
2016-03-17 How to Know Trump is in Your Head
2016-03-17 Stamina - Trump’s Linguistic Kill Shot for Clinton (Master Persuader Series)
2016-03-16 Real Donald Trump Quotes about Women
2016-03-16 Clinton Versus Trump
2016-03-15 Donald Trump - Con Man
2016-03-13 The Trump Riots That are Mostly My Fault
2016-03-09 Who Trump Offends with His Salty Language
2016-03-08 Another Way to Make Mexico Pay for The Wall (Trump Persuasion Series)
2016-03-03 Naming Romney’s Upcoming Anti-Trump Speech
2016-03-02 A Letter to Donald Trump (from a voter, not me)
2016-02-29 Trump’s VP Options (Master Persuader Filter)
2016-02-28 Disavowing Trump
2016-02-26 The Choke Artist Versus the Watch Salesman (Trump Persuasion Series)
2016-02-24 How to Spot a Narcissist (Trump Persuasion Series)
2016-02-22 My Cnn Interview About Trump
2016-02-22 Solving for Scary (Trump Persuasion Series)
2016-02-18 The Pope Versus Donald Trump
2016-02-18 The Trump Master Persuader Index and Reading List
2016-02-12 Policies and Name Recognition (Trump Persuasion Series)
2016-02-11 Policies And Name Recognition Trump Persuasion
2016-02-11 Why Does Trump Terrify People?
2016-02-05 Friday Trump Joke
2016-01-29 Master Persuader Scorecard on the Trumpless Debate
2016-01-26 Trump, FOX News, and Megyn Kelly Explained (Master Persuader Series)
2016-01-22 Updating the Persuasion Stack (National Review’s Trump Cover)
2016-01-21 Trump’s Talent Stack: Systems versus Goals
2016-01-19 Trump’s Dog Problem
2016-01-19 Robots Read News about British Politicians and Trump
2016-01-17 Trump Master Persuader Quiz: What Would YOU Do?
2016-01-15 The Biggest Trump Story That You Missed (Master Persuasion Series)
2016-01-15 Robots Read News about Trump’s Offer to…(no spoilers!)
2016-01-11 The Oddest Thing About Trump
2016-01-09 The Laugh Tell (Trump Master Persuader Series)
2016-01-09 Politico Tries to Trump Me on “The Turn”
2016-01-08 Trump And Climate Science Master Persuader
2016-01-08 Politico Tries To Trump Me On The Turn
2016-01-08 Why I Should Win the Nobel Prize (and other things I learned from Trump)
2016-01-07 Trump and Climate Science (Master Persuader Series)
2016-01-06 The Canadian Gambit (Trump Persuasion Series)
2016-01-05 Trump Persuasion Alert The Bush Slayer Comment
2016-01-05 The Canadian Gambit Trump Persuasion Seriess
2016-01-05 The Amazon Gift Predictor (Trump Master Persuader Series)
2016-01-05 How Trump Can Solve Immigration
2016-01-04 Trump Prediction about the Wall (Master Persuader series)
2016-01-04 Trump’s First Ad (Master Persuader Filter)
2016-01-04 Trumps First Ad Master Persuader Filter
2016-01-01 Risk Management Trump Persuasion Series
2015-12-30 Trump’s Language Skills Analyzed
2015-12-27 Is Iowa a Caucus or a Mental Health Problem? (Trump Master Persuader Series)
2015-12-24 Calling The Clinton Top Trump Persuasion Series
2015-12-24 The Master Persuader Filter and Trump’s Schlong
2015-12-22 The Master Persuader Filter And Trumps Schlong
2015-12-22 A Deeply Unscientific Test of Your Political Bias (Trump Persuasion Series)
2015-12-21 And Then This Happened (Trump Persuasion Series)
2015-12-16 The Lucky Hitler Hypothesis (Trump Persuasion Series)
2015-12-15 Master Persuader Update - Slip of the Tongue (Trump series)
2015-12-15 Calling The Clinton Top Trump Persuasion Series
2015-12-14 Immigration Without the Hate Part (Trump-related)
2015-12-13 Calling the Clinton Top (Trump Persuasion Series)
2015-12-13 Calling The Clinton Top Trump Persuasion Series
2015-12-11 Master Persuader Update (Part of My Trump Series)
2015-12-10 The Trump Immigration Surprise - the Trap is Half-Sprung
2015-12-09 Trumps Third Act Part Of The Trump Persuasion
2015-12-09 The Trump Immigration Surprise The Trap Is
2015-12-09 My Offer to Stop Donald Trump
2015-12-08 The Case For A Trump Landslide Part 1
2015-12-08 My Offer To Stop Donald Trump
2015-12-08 Risk Management - (Trump Persuasion Series)
2015-12-07 Risk Management Trump Persuasion Series
2015-12-03 My Prediction about My Predictions (Trump Persuasion Series)
2015-12-02 The Case For A Trump Landslide Part 1
2015-12-02 My Prediction About My Predictions Trump
2015-12-02 Trump’s Favorability - (part of my Trump Persuasion series)
2015-11-29 How Trump Can Solve Immigration
2015-11-26 Trump Trouble Report
2015-11-22 When Wives Attack Trump Persuasion Series
2015-11-19 Trump’s Current Odds
2015-11-13 Trump on Carson
2015-11-12 Election Notes (Trump and Stuff)
2015-11-05 Economics And Expectations With A Trump Point
2015-11-02 Why Donald Trump will Ruin the World
2015-10-31 Trump’s Selfish Motives (Please explain them to me)
2015-10-30 Economics and Expectations (with a Trump point)
2015-10-26 Trump’s Town Hall Performance - Give Him a Grade
2015-10-26 Trumps Town Hall Performance Give Him A Grade
2015-10-25 Talking Like a Fourth-Grader (Part of my Trump Persuasion Series)
2015-10-23 The Case for a Trump Landslide (Part 1)
2015-10-21 Robots Read News - about Trump and Jeb
2015-10-20 Trump’s Third Act (Part of the Trump Persuasion Series)
2015-10-18 Trump’s Persuasiveness - per the Washington Post
2015-10-16 Tony Robbins Explains How to Beat Trump
2015-10-11 Does Trump Linguistically Engineer His Insults?
2015-10-10 One On One Match Ups Trump Persuasion Series
2015-10-10 Does Trump Linguistically Engineer His Insults
2015-10-09 Tells for Cognitive Dissonance (with some Trump flavoring)
2015-10-08 Tells For Cognitive Dissonance With Some Trump
2015-10-07 When Wives Attack Trump Persuasion Series
2015-10-06 My Explanation of Trump’s Persuasion Skills for
2015-10-06 The Trump Confidence Thing
2015-10-01 One-on-One Match-ups - Trump Persuasion Series
2015-09-23 The “Reason” for Trump’s Success
2015-09-21 Who is the Better Business Person - Trump or Fiorina?
2015-09-19 Thinking Past the Sale - Trump Persuasion Series
2015-09-19 Running Against a Branding Wizard - Trump Series
2015-09-18 Trump Linguistic Kill Shot Alert!
2015-09-18 People Who Don’t Know How Business Works - Trump Persuasion Series
2015-09-18 When Wives Attack - Trump Persuasion Series
2015-09-17 Wizard Attacks Wizard - The Trump Persuasion Series
2015-09-16 Why Trump Insults People - Part of my Trump Persuasion Series
2015-09-15 2-D Chess Players Take on a 3-D Chess Master (Part of my Trump Persuasion Series)
2015-09-14 The Daily Beast Reports on My Trump Posts
2015-09-14 The Trump Versus Sanders Match-up: Part of the Trump Persuasion Series
2015-09-11 Who is Smarter - the Smart People or the Dumb People? - Part of My Trump Persuasion Series
2015-09-10 Trump Engineers a Linguistic Kill Shot for Fiorina
2015-09-09 A Demonstration of Persuasion - Part of my Trump Series
2015-09-07 The “Outsider” Explanation - Part of my Trump Persuasion Series
2015-09-06 The Outsider Explanation Part Of My Trump
2015-09-05 “Nice Guy” - Part of my Trump Persuasion Series
2015-09-03 Then You Own the Bank (part of my Trump Persuasion Series)
2015-09-01 Trump: The “Bad System” Linguistic Bayonette
2015-08-31 Trump Engineers a Clinton Linguistic Kill Shot
2015-08-28 Trump and Godwin’s Law
2015-08-28 Nate Silver Gives Trump 2% Chance of Getting Nominated
2015-08-27 Nate Silver Gives Trump 2 Chance Of Getting
2015-08-27 Trump Persuasion Alert: The Bush-Slayer Comment
2015-08-26 Trump Persuasion Alert: Bible Dodge
2015-08-26 The Third Way on Immigration (Sort of a Trump Post)
2015-08-25 Trump Makes Univision do the Perp Walk
2015-08-24 Trump VS Bush: Persuasion Wars
2015-08-14 Can We Call a Trump Puppet a Trumpet?
2015-08-10 Trump’s Plan to “Put a ring around” ISIS
2015-08-10 Trumps Plan To Put A Ring Around Isis
2015-08-05 How Trump Becomes President
2015-07-24 Robots Read News about Dumb Trump
2015-07-02 Outragists Attack Trump and Win
2015-06-17 Robots Read News - About Trump’s Border Fence Plan
2015-03-31 Robots Read News 27 - Donald Trump’s new project.
2011-04-20 Donald Trump: Magnificent Bastard
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