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2016-12-22 Can the Government Deduce Your Religion Without Asking?
2016-12-19 The Wikileaks Persuasion You Missed
2016-12-10 The Time That Reality Forked Right in Front of You
2016-11-30 The Idea You are Least Likely to Believe
2016-11-15 The Thought Experiment that Broke Your Brain
2016-11-11 While You Were Looking in the Wrong Direction
2016-11-10 The De-Hitlerization of Your Brain
2016-11-09 I Answer Your Questions About Predicting President Trump
2016-11-07 Thank You for The Best Year Ever
2016-10-19 I Wake You Up for the Presidential Debate
2016-10-14 Assume Half of What You Hear About the Candidates is True
2016-09-23 Blowing Your Mind – as Promised
2016-05-01 Say Goodbye to Your Mind
2016-04-12 Resetting the Movie in Your Head
2016-03-17 How to Know Trump is in Your Head
2016-02-15 How to Know if Something is Wrong with Your Brain
2016-01-17 Trump Master Persuader Quiz: What Would YOU Do?
2016-01-15 The Biggest Trump Story That You Missed (Master Persuasion Series)
2016-01-12 Men: Confess Your Support for Hillary Clinton
2016-01-11 Today I Help You See the Future
2015-12-31 Hypnotizing You To Have The Best New Years Day
2015-12-31 Hypnotizing You to Have the Best New Year’s Day Ever (Part 4 - The Climax)
2015-12-30 Hypnotizing You to Have the Best New Year’s Day Ever (Part 3)
2015-12-29 Hypnotizing You To Have The Best New Years Day
2015-12-29 Hypnotizing You To Have The Best New Years Day
2015-12-29 Hypnotizing You to Have the Best New Year’s Day Ever (Part 2)
2015-12-29 Hypnotizing You To Have The Best New Years Day
2015-12-28 Hypnotizing You to Have the Best New Year’s Day Ever (Part 1)
2015-12-22 A Deeply Unscientific Test of Your Political Bias (Trump Persuasion Series)
2015-12-21 A Deeply Unscientific Test Of Your Political Bias
2015-12-07 How to Stop that Hitler-like Deportation You Fear
2015-12-06 Who Would You Like Me to Interview?
2015-11-23 Now that I have your attention…
2015-11-19 The Day You Became A Better Writer 2Nd Look
2015-09-30 Super Soil Reduces the Odds of You Starving to Death in Retirement
2015-09-05 Cognitive Dissonance: You be the Judge
2015-09-05 Cognitive Dissonance You Be The Judge
2015-09-03 Then You Own the Bank (part of my Trump Persuasion Series)
2015-09-02 Build a Habit-Robot in your Brain
2015-09-01 Correlation or Causation: You Decide
2015-08-29 How to Know Your Dating Site is a Fraud
2015-08-27 The Iranian Nuke Deal You Don’t Understand
2015-08-22 The Day You Became a Better Writer (2nd Look)
2015-07-22 Why You Are Insane
2015-07-03 Hedging Your Bets on the God Hypothesis
2015-06-26 How Do You Avoid Email?
2015-06-16 How Would You Solve ISIS?
2015-03-17 Two Wrongs Don’t Make a Right (You need way more wrongs than two)
2015-03-04 Have You Ever Changed Your Mind? - By Diana Wales
2015-03-03 Are You a Fiction-Thinker?
2015-02-25 Can you Measure Workplace Sexism?
2015-02-13 Can You Make Yourself Less Lazy?
2015-02-11 Your Best Orgasms are Ahead of You
2015-02-10 Would You Take Orders From Machines?
2015-01-28 Your Phone Interface is a Legacy Train Wreck
2015-01-23 Do Open Networks Boost Your Odds of Success?
2015-01-16 How Do You Know When Something is Working?
2014-12-04 Can Your Phone Make You Fat?
2014-10-01 Your Personal Ghosts
2014-09-15 Book Cover Contest - What Do You Think?
2014-06-30 Do You Know What an Angel Investor Is?
2014-05-02 Do You Have an Idiot Picture?
2014-03-18 I Give You the Gift of Time
2014-03-04 What Did You Learn This Year?
2014-02-25 The Science of Making Your Story Memorable
2014-02-05 Are you Real or Software?
2014-01-30 Nerds Are Taking Your Lunch Money
2014-01-20 A-B Testing Your Excellent Suggestions
2013-09-18 Choose Your Immortality
2013-06-05 Blurb Your Way to Fame
2013-04-25 Spy in your Office
2013-02-27 Automatic Movie of Your Trip
2013-02-25 How Are You Today?
2013-02-21 Follow your Passion?
2013-02-08 The Music Tunes You
2013-02-04 Should You Buy Stocks Now?
2013-02-01 You Be the Editor
2012-10-08 How Many Are You?
2012-07-09 Monetizing the Who-You-Know Asset
2012-03-12 Your Marketing Wisdom
2012-01-30 Writing Yourself Off
2012-01-11 Why You Should Vote for Me
2011-11-07 Your Fellow Citizens
2011-10-19 Who Are You?
2011-07-15 Google+ Will Be Your New Government
2011-07-11 You in the Crowd [updated]
2011-05-18 Slowing the Decline in Your Personal Appeal
2011-01-17 Your Digital Ghost
2010-11-18 The Waiting Room is Your Doctor
2010-11-08 The Least You Should Know
2010-09-13 Your Next Gym
2010-06-02 Who’s Your Fodder?
2010-03-19 Your Helpful Abusive Advice
2010-02-25 Things You Dread
2010-02-16 Replacing Yourself
2009-12-08 The Coolest Thing You Own
2009-12-07 Can You Pray Someone to Death?
2009-11-23 Growing Your Own Food
2009-11-10 Invest in Whatever Makes You Angry
2009-07-24 Your Next Boss
2009-07-07 The You Factor
2009-07-06 Your Psychological Profile
2009-06-26 Your Bank Hates You
2009-06-19 Technology That Gives You Goose Bumps
2009-05-19 Your Phone
2009-03-06 Your Hair is Different
2008-12-23 Warren Buffett and You
2008-12-22 Future of your Phone
2008-12-18 Buried With Your Cell Phone
2008-12-03 Your Joke I.Q.
2008-09-08 Start Your Engines
2008-08-13 Where is Inflatable Godzilla When You Need Him?
2008-06-10 Things You Need In a New House
2008-05-27 Churning Your Own Butter
2008-05-13 Your Secret Thoughts
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